Currently there is a large chart of Colonial New England in 1747 during the preludes to the "French and Indian War" that is in completion and printing stages. Primary plans for marketing will include the New England states from New Jersey to Maine. As well available purchase through this Web site.

The next will be a large "Pirate" chart, circa 1680, of the Caribbean Sea from the Spanish Main to North Carolina, and from the Atlantic Ocean to Mexico. This dark chart will feature the pirate theme and will be marketed throughout the United States.

In its conceptual stage is a chart of the Middle East during the Biblical Period, which will be in Hebrew. More information on this chart will be available in the future.

Also in research phases are ship schematics, full size (approx. 30" by 38") of the USS Constitution, HMS Bounty, and HMS Victory. These will be detailed construction plans for the vessels as they where at time of construction.