I was born in St. Petersburg, Florida in 1972 and have been an artist all of my adult life. I attended school for commercial art and advertising and had acquired quite a portfolio that was later to be destroyed in the "No Name Storm" of  '93.

This compiled with some other circumstances demoralized me to the point that for a number of years had little interest in rebuilding a portfolio or much less seeking a career in the fields of art.
It was in this time that I was employed in merchant shipping in the Gulf of Mexico region under Captain Michael Day of the ocean going M/V "Kelly" that I became reinspired. Capt. Day commissioned me to create a chart of the Bahama Islands to represent a vacation he had recently taken with his family. This chart he wanted to look old like "a pirate map". Knowing navigation, basic cartography, and the ways of the seas as well as being an artist, his chart was created and with it, a dedication.

Since this first piece of cartographic artwork I have researched the fields of cartography and history to produce only true "Portolans". Using only traditional materials and methods I have created scores of full size charts that have earned recognition across the country. Originally more of a hobby but now an occupation I have developed portolans for movie production companies, publishers and authors.

Old charts inspire the creative mind and give a sense of adventure of a time long ago of exploration, pirates, and epic sea battles. The primary time periods for which I work are 15th through 18th centuries because of the expansion and exploration that occurred during this period. However, I have also done earlier work representing the crusades and biblical periods as well as work on fictional and mythical places such as "Middle Earth", represented in "Lord of the Rings" and "Sosaria" for "Ultima Online".

Johnathan White